Office Insurance Cover – An Introduction

Although a general business insurance policy may seem to cover all the angles, when it comes to insuring a company this kind of policy may not always be the most suitable option for a smaller business. General policies often tend to work on a ‘one size fits all’ basis but the problem can be that the one size may be a bit big for your business needs! Office insurance cover may well give you an alternative solution, however.

Many small businesses simply do not have the same insurance needs as larger companies. You may, for example, be working as a one-man band in which case you won’t need employers’ liability cover included in your policy if you don’t employ anybody else. Or, you may be renting your office, so may not need buildings cover included in your policy as your landlord may already handle that side of things.

The fact is that every small business may have very different needs. To a certain extent this may well depend on the business sector you work in. If you work as a building contractor, for example, then you may want specific cover for your tools and equipment. Your office premises are no different and it may well, therefore work out better for you to look at specialist office insurance cover before you choose which policy to go with.

The advantages of choosing specialist cover can include:

· The ability to get the right cover for your needs;

· The opportunity not to have to pay for cover that doesn’t apply to your business;

· The chance to take extra cover as necessary with no hassle for any specialist needs your business may have.

Buying insurance is an essential consideration for any business – everybody needs some form of insurance protection, after all. But, looking at a specialist office insurance cover option may help you save money by ensuring you only buy what you need. It could also offer you better peace of mind as you will get specialist help that is targeted at a small business in your sector rather than a larger policy that may not suit your own insurance needs.

By Robert    Watson