Management network services – 36 Traits Of A 21st Century Leader, Includes 9 Quotients Towards Achieving Quality Leadership!

36 traits of a leader

[1] a keen learner

He is keen to learn more of the appropriate knowledge acquired of him. He is a fast learner too.

[2] a keen reader

A leader must be a keen reader, but a keen reader might not be a leader

[3] is self-motivated

To be self-motivated is a great asset. He who is self-motivated moves faster

[4] is initiative

A leader needs not to be told when to start, he knows when

[5] grows on the job

A leader puts in great effort into his job, thus moving up the ladder of success is his trait

[6] has visions and missions

A great leader is equipped with visions and missions, thus spurred to move on to succeed

[7] is goal-orientated

He who is without a goal is like a fly without a head. The world will make way to those who are determined to achieve his goals

[8] is an optimist

An optimist is a someone who looks at things positively and great in attracting success.

[9] master of details

A master of details is also someone who is great in troubleshooting. He will see to the small needs of his people thus will be very much welcomed

[10] is fun and jovial to be with

Sprinkling fun and jokes into our routine work will light up just any situation

[11] fair and just

It is not easy to be fair and just, but being a leader he must be fair and just to be a man of authority

[12] has unwavering courage

He must have unwavering courage in doing things, he will strive to move on


[13] has sound judgement

A good and sound judgement is needed for a leader, he cannot afford to make silly mistakes

[14] are good managers of time and money

All leaders must be good managers of time and money. He must be wise as to put first things first. He must know the importance of being a MASTER of time and money, not the other way round

[15] are productive

He is effective and productive in his work, thus gaining respect and earning good reputation

By   Ronald  Andrews