Full Disclosure Establishes Trust in Sales

I have no idea of the title of the black and white movie I saw as a kid. For some reason one of the premises of the movie, about a woman in real estate, stayed with me. She had decided to tell her prospects every thing negative about the house as well as what was positive.

 She sold more houses than most because people trusted her. In the storyline she quit doing full disclosure and lost her status as top sales person because she hid defects. Now, of course, we have laws that say you must let potential customers know of any problems.

Full disclosure may be the law, but it also establishes trust. If you tell your potential clients or customers everything you are supposed to tell them, and do it with an attitude of openness and honesty, they will begin to trust you. With trust comes the confidence they are making a good decision and are not being bilked out of their money.

You and I have probably both been caught in a business transaction that cost us money because of the “small print.” As the sales person, if you go over the small print and give strategies for your prospect to protect him or herself, you let the potential buyer know you are on their side.

Don’t be concerned you will lose the sale if you point out things that might be to the disadvantage of your prospect. You want a client, one who will come back to you time and again, not just a customer who is with you for one sale only.

How your words will be accepted depend upon the following:

Your attitude

Your tone of voice and the inflections in your voice

The context of your words

There are ways to do this whether you are talking to your prospect in person, by phone or through a sales letter. Your attitude will come through your words whether spoken or written. The key is to present yourself as open and honest with the primary focus being what is best for your prospect.

A potential client or customer can sense when you are only interested in making the money rather than wanting to serve him or her. If you feel desperate financially the person you are talking to, or who is reading your words, will pick it up and be repelled by it.

Once you have the correct attitude you can develop the skills needed to communicate your concern for your prospect through your voice or through the written word.

By Devin Mason